My name is Susan, but old friends call me Susie and my family calls me Sue.  I am a public radio producer, podcast developer, audio consultant, editor, writer, poet, friend, gloomy interpreter of movies and books, lover of wilderness and shoe enthusiast. I have a most excellent husband, a triumphant teenage daughter and a Bipolar son, Milo. This blog is about me and him and what it takes to survive. You can email me directly at mysummerwithmilo@gmail.com

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  1. Thank you for sharing and helping us understand Milo’s SID and Bi Polar disorder.

  2. This is a really good blog, Susan, the best I personally have ever read. Your writing, not surprisingly, is stunning. Also, I have a child with SID, which mostly no one ever knows what is and which many, once told what it is, don’t choose to recognize as an authentic condition that can (and does, in my child’s case) affect one’s behavior and, in particular, one’s ability to control impulses. Dealing with SID can be isolating, for the child as well as the parents, so what you offer to parents like me through this blog is invaluable. And the grace and honesty you show in expressing your pain, and love, is remarkable. I am not a fan of blogs, but this one is exceptional, Susan. Congratulations on that. And thank you. Please, by all means, carry on.

  3. Liisa Ogburn recommended your page. She interviewed me for her motherhood project. After my daughter’s birth I suffered postpartum anxiety and psychosis and was hospitalized many times. I experienced the challenges of getting appropriate care. I can’t imagine the work required to get a proper diagnosis and therapy for a child suffering mental illness.

    I work with the general public and wish everyone would read your blog. Often things are not as they seem. I am familiar with one child who exhibits similar behaviors. A few weeks ago, I told the mom how much I admired her. She almost started crying saying most people just stare at her or give her dirty looks. She explained my comment had come at the perfect time for her. It had been such a hard week; she wasn’t sure she could do it anymore. She feared she might have to find residential treatment for her son.

    Thank you for such a poignant, important blog.

  4. Susan, This Blog could not come at a more appropriate time in my life; thank you. My 9yr old son, Quinn, has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and he has some of the same, exact mannerisms and complaints as Milo (from what I have read thusfar). It’s a lonely, scary and often times, mean place, isn’t it? All the power to all of you.

  5. Thank you for sharing. From your blog, i learn useful coping strategies l. I have read many blogs about parenting children with bpd. I noticed that you seem pretty calm about milo’s rage and it amazes me how you remain calm. I wish i know how to read the mind of a child with bpd. From the stories you share, I understand certain “patterns”, and knowing these patterns help me handle situations better than i otherwise would…

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