Me and Him

Whose idea was Milo?

Yours. You said our family wasn’t complete.

No, it was yours. You wanted a sibling for her.


I don’t understand why that sent him into a delusion, I was just kidding.

I understand.

Explain it to me.

It’s hard to articulate. . . . It’s as if the ground shifts beneath you, and what was your balance disappears.

Like when I make the same joke for 4 days but on the 5th day you take it seriously and feel hurt?

Yes, just like that.


He’s under the bed.

I know, I hung out with him there.

Why is he under the bed?

He’s scared.

Of what?

His feelings.


How did you get him to climb to the top of the waterfall?

I asked him to explain to me how you win at the Pokemon card game while we walked.

Did he ever take a breath?

No, not once.

Did he stop to appreciate the view?

He did indeed.

Were you bored out of your mind?

No, I wasn’t listening.


How did you get him to sleep?

I told him how we would always be together even if he went on a trip without me, or when he grows up and goes to college. Or after I die.

And that put him to sleep?

Like a charm.


What did he say?

He said that he’s always crying on the inside.

What did you say?

I said, me too.







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