Milo’s dad is a federal employee.  This is his third week of not working and not being paid. We brought this up at dinner tonight and the following conversation occurred:

What do you mean the government is shutdown? Who shut it down?

A small group of Republicans in Congress have convinced the Speaker of the House to shut down the government.

But isn’t Obama the boss?

Well,  Democracy is a series of checks and balances, so, in theory no one is the boss.

So if no one is the boss, tell me again, how a few people can shut the whole government down?


Anyway, since Daddy isn’t getting paid while he isn’t working, we’re gonna need to band together to save money. Milo, do you have any ideas?

Yes, I have eight great ideas:

1) a spaghetti stand, where people can choose their sauces

2) buy less pumpkin bread or, better yet, learn to bake our own pumpkin bread

3) sell my “gemerald,” the one I hide under my bed

4) make cards instead of buying them for people’s birthdays

5) turn off the lights so we don’t have to buy as much coal

6) take shorter showers . . . this one is also good for the earth

7) get O into the movies by training him to do cool tricks

8) find, hatch, and train a dragon to fly to Washington, DC and burn up the Republicans with his breath of fire.

Then Milo went to his room and came back with an old DS case filled with foreign coins.

I was saving this money for the inevitable, but, if it will help. . . .

No sweet boy, keep your Euros. We’ll make do.


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